Meet re:act

We are young company of experienced professionals. We created re:act to make sure our experience brings quality results to the clients and interesting projects to us.

What we do?

M.I.C.E. / event marketing

We know how to arrange a high-quality event, even within a tight schedule. We set quick response and quality client service as our priorities, which always leaves the client satisfied and confident.
Our projects around the world

Creative design

Talented & creative team is ready to provide a quality product in the field of: identity, branding, corporate style, packaging & graphic design

Video production

Our vast tv experience let you see truly different and professional video production process of your video. There`s nothing better than a video to motivate people and engage them in innovative activities.

Web development

We develop best web experience. Delivering best concept, design and usability for every user no matter what!


Kick-Point is a patented product of German company Kick-Point GmbH – sports interactive module designed especially for sports brands activations.

Since 2004 Kick-point has been entertaining fans at various sports events, including UEFA EURO championships and FIFA World Cups.

  • Plenty of projects completed in many different Ukrainian and overseas agencies, inspired to create re:act agency. I`m proud to do work that I love and gain invaluable experience with companies like: Sun InBev, Abbott, Do&Co and Foxtrot

    Anna Mazur
    Anna Mazur
  • 7 years in advertising proved, that constant moving forward and gained experience in right direction bring success, and feeling that you get after completed event, can be compared only to conquering a mountain and seeing new horisons.

    Michael Prisyazhnyuk
    Michael Prisyazhnyuk
  • I put heart and soul into my work, in result we get original idea, that solves every client task. My creative solutions were realized by such notorious brands like: L`oreal, Intertop, Amway, Abbott.

    Ivan Yena
    Ivan Yena